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Center for Research Methods Consultation (CRMC)

CRMC provides research methodological consultation, support, and training services for faculty, students, staff, researchers, and practitioners at and outside the University of Kansas. We use quantitative, qualitative, and multiple or mixed research approaches with clients throughout the entire project lifeycle.

Several KU students sitting outside and laughing together

Support, Collaborate, Consult, Communicate (SCCC)

Support students with their dissertations, theses, research projects, and any other research endeavors.
Collaborate with KU faculty, staff, and students on the grant application and manuscript writing.
Consult non-profit community organizations and for-profit industries about their research projects.
Communicate research methodological knowledge by providing training and seminars on research methodological issues.

Collaboration and Support

We aim to support various types of research activities including grant applications, research projects, dissertation and thesis, manuscripts, project evaluation/assessment, and grant/project reports. We also support scale development and validation which use quantitative, qualitative, and multiple or mixed research approaches.